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Favorite Game

Hey everyone just wanted to check in. Vote on you’re favorite game. Plan on seeing you guys later!




Club Penguin Fan Art Updated May 15th

For those of you who did submit fan art I have good news for you! Today Club Penguin updated their fan art page and maybe you’re picture/art work is there! Let’s have a look and find out.

Awesome! I love all the pictures in the top row, the penguins who created those must be in the spirit for the medieval party! Which one is you’re favourite? Make sure to comment and tell me.



Reviewed By You: Favorite Story


Thanks for all of the amazing comments you submitted about helping endangered animals! It was hard to choose just one comment to feature, but I really liked Ariane2005’s:
“Hey Guys can you guess what I do everyday? Yep I clean up where I live. I do that because there are animals that live there to. Like Birds,Stray Cats, Skunks, Deer, Insects, Mystery animal, Hedgehogs too. You see any backyard can be a habitat so help keep it clean no animal likes a dirty habitat. This idea was inspired by club penguin. I have been cleaning the habitat for years. One More Thing Waddle On C.P”
Have you checked out the latest story clue? Seems like the room pictured below could be somewhere wizards (or Gary) might spend time in… 😉
RBY Favorite Room.JPG
 For the next Reviewed By You, I’d like to know what your favorite Club Penguin story is and why. I’ll post one of your comments and you’ll even receive a 10,000 coin bonus on your account! Just in time to buy some sweet furniture items for your igloo castle.
Waddle On! 🙂
-Club Penguin Team

Littlebud12: New Author

Hey Guys! I’m a new author here on waffles3829’s site. My name is Littlebud12. My keyboard is kind of broken so typos and too mnay capitol letters can happen. I am really excited to work for this site. I love CP. I’ll also give out my old penguins with no membership on Cp soon. My membership just expired but I’m about to renew it. I look forward to my next post. I also deleted my site but it is www.littlebud12.wordpress.com/ . You will find out about me soon. See you around on CP.


New Club Penguin EPF Message – Jet Pack Guy

Jet Pack Guy has sent a new message. Check it out:

He said:
Alert! Radar is picking up something BIG flying around the island! It’s too fast to follow – has anyone gotten a visual on this thing yet?
Have you seen it yet? Comment below.

Club Penguin Puffle Handler Background & Stamp

The Puffle Handler is now an official mascot on Club Penguin! Because of this she now has a stamp and background. However, when Club Penguin added the stamp they accidentally removed Stompin’ Bob’s stamp!

The stamp:

Here’s her background:

Have you met the Puffle Handler yet? Be sure to use our tracker!